2017 User Group Meeting Resources

The second meeting of the UK Poll Everywhere User Group was held at City University, London on Wednesday 1st March, 2017.

The day started with an ice-breaker quiz using the Poll Everywhere Segmentation feature, Red Team vs Blue Team. It was a close run thing, with a friendly 3-1/2 to 3-1/2 draw.

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See also: Gamification using Poll Everywhere’s Segmented Responses by Kitty Horne, University of Sussex.

Morning Presentations

Using think-pair share and Poll Everywhere to enhance engagement during lectures (PDF Slides), Alfred Thumser, Lecturer in Biosciences, University of Surrey.

Five years of Poll Everywhere at Westminster: The impact on staff and students (PDF Slides) Ade Bamigbade & Yanna Nedelcheva, University of Westminster.

Tips on using Poll Everywhere to enhance student learning for technology based topics in Radiography (PDF Slides), Jayne Morgan, Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography, City, University of London.

Supporting students in revision sessions (PDF Slides) Yanna Nedelcheva & Maria Ashioti, University of Westminster.

Poll Everywhere – 2016 in Review, 2017 Q1 & Beyond (PDF Slides), Paul Giovacchini & Kelly Arbuckle, Poll Everywhere.

video Recording of morning presentations (new window)
Start: 00:00 – Alfred Thumser, 00:18 – Jayne Morgan, 00:41 – Ade Bamigbade & Yanna Nedelcheva, 01:03 – Yanna Nedelcheva & Maria Ashioti, 01:26 – Paul Giovacchini & Kelly Arbuckle.

Afternoon Activities

Team Based Learning Workshop

Workshop facilitated by Rebecca McCarter, University of Bradford.

Introduction to Team Based Learning (Prezi)

Clickable image competition

Facilitated by Darren Gash, University of Surrey. The best Penguin question won some P-P-Pick up a Penguin.

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Learning Spaces Tour

The day finished with a presentation by Sheila Egan & Dom Pates folowed by tour of City’s latest Learning Spaces, including the B200.


video Recording of Afternoon Activities (new window)
Start 00:00 – Rebecca McCarter, · 00:40 – Darren Gash, 00:54 – Sheila Egan and Dom Pates.

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